The now fairly traditional end-of-summer Nintendo Direct is here – and we might be on for some new announcements.

Nintendo is hosting a Nintendo Direct stream later today, September 13. The Nintendo Direct stream takes place at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern, 11pm British Summertime and Midnight in Central Europe.

The Direct is set to focus on 3DS and Switch games, and it’s going to run for 45 minutes. That makes this a long one with plenty of time for games – though don’t be surprised if a good ten minutes or so is dedicated to Nintendo’s biggest release for the end of this year, Super Mario Odyssey.

The Nintendo Direct will air on Nintendo’s official Twitch channel, which we’ve embedded below ready for the chaos to begin.

Watch live video from Nintendo on

Nintendo likes to offer specific Nintendo Direct options for their fans around the world, so if you’re in Europe you can watch a localized stream where, for instance, you’ll be treated to Nintendo Europe boss Satoru Shibata rather than America’s Reggie Fils-Aimé. It’ll also feature localized release date, bundle and price information. Here’s the European stream:

Watch live video from NintendoUK on

But now, the big question…

What might we expect from this Nintendo Direct?

There are a few things that based on the past record we should expect from this direct – though of course nothing is certain, and Nintendo is far better at keeping secrets than most. But there are some safe bets…

Several Announced and upcoming games are likely to appear in the direct either for brief new trailer or news drops, pre-order or limited edition information or just for a reminder they’re coming. The following are all due out pretty soon:

On the system level front, there are some new Nintendo Switch features that have been teased, rumored or downright talked about that could finally rear their head here, including…

  • Nintendo’s full paid online service, due to launch in 2018
  • A trophy system for the machine
  • Virtual Console, including GameCube game support, which has been rumored since last December

Many people are still dreaming about all-new games, and Nintendo does like to drop random announcements out during Nintendo Direct showings. Among people’s wish lists include some further Wii U ports, sequels or enhanced editions similar to Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 2…

  • Super Smash Bros has been rumored for Switch since before the console was announced, an enhanced port of the excellent Wii U and 3DS games.
  • Super Mario Maker is one of the best games on the Wii U and putting it on the Switch seems a no-brainer, especially after it even made its way to 3DS.
  • PlatinumGames stoked the fire of rumors of ports of Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101 to Switch with a series of cryptic social media posts that whipped fans into a frenzy.
  • Animal Crossing is a major fan wish, and the Animal Crossing mobile game has also been missing in action since getting delayed. Last we heard, it was still due to be released this year.

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