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The 100 best Mario Party mini-games are coming to 3DS in one mega-bundle

One cart, four players, 100 Mario Party games.

Mario Party: The Top 100 is a new compilation of the best mini-games from the long-running Mario Party series, announced during today’s Nintendo Direct.

It’s coming to 3DS, and will arrive in the US on November 17. The UK and Europe will have to wait until sometime in January, though.

Since the Mario Party series is all about competing with your family and friends, The Top 100 naturally supports the 3DS’s great Download Play feature. If you’ve missed that somehow, it means only one player needs to own the cartridge, but up to three others with 3DS consoles can share the fun. Always good for parents or impromptu meet ups.

Here’s a trailer and a tweet with some screenshots of Mario Party: The Top 100.

We’ve put the top 100 minigames from all home console Mario Party games into one #3DS package! Mario Party: The Top 100 arrives in January pic.twitter.com/FGWY5E0J6z

— Super Mario UK (@SuperMario_UK) September 13, 2017

I have a vague recollection that the last couple of Mario Party titles didn’t go down very well, but perhaps this approach of leaning on the best efforts from the past is what the series needs to rediscover its strengths and get back on track.

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