Hi, mayors! We hope you’ve been enjoying painting the town red (or green, or blue, or yellow, depending on your zoning choices) with Cities: Skylines, and we’re delighted that our favorite city-builder has found such a great home on the Xbox One. Now that we’ve had time to settle, we thought it was high time we did a bit of redecorating, and we hope you’ll join us! Today we’re proud to announce that we’re releasing our first expansion for Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition next month. Snowfall, an expansion that adds weather conditions to your towns — and the tools to manage them properly — will launch on Xbox One on November 14.

Not only that, but when we say it’s our first expansion (not counting After Dark, which came with the CS – Xbox One Edition), you ought to know that we’ve got a second, third, and more waiting in the wings. Starting with Snowfall, we’ve got seven DLC packs heading your way soon, and you can pick up the entire set in the new Season Pass, which will also kick off on November 14. Plus, if you’ve been waiting for the right time to try your hand at urban design, we’re also going to introduce Cities: Skylines – Premium Edition — a bundle that comes with the original game (plus After Dark), and every item in the Season Pass to boot.

Cities Skylines Snowfall Screenshot

Every expansion is being prepared for a controller-friendly experience on the Xbox One. Cities: Skylines has always been a game about growth, creativity, and expansion, and we want to make sure our fans get a full, rich experience with all the options they want, regardless of where they’re playing. Players who pick up the Season Pass or the Premium Edition will get each piece of DLC as soon as it’s available, starting with Snowfall in November. The full list will include:

  • Snowfall (full expansion)
  • Natural Disasters (full expansion)
  • Mass Transit (full expansion)
  • High Tech Buildings (content creator pack)
  • Art Deco (content creator pack)
  • Relaxation Station (radio station DLC)
  • Rock City Radio (radio station DLC)

Thanks for your ongoing support, mayors! For more updates, you can follow us at @Cities_PDX, and stay tuned both there and here on Xbox Wire to find out when each new expansion is headed your way.

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