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Multiple sources are claiming that Marvel Heroes will shut down a month early, with Gazillion laying off all employees

It looks like Marvel Heroes will shut down this week, much earlier than expected with all staff at developer Gazillion losing their jobs.

Last week, we found out that Disney is shutting Marvel Heroes, which only recently made its way from PC to consoles, would be shut down. The Diablo-like game starred various heroes from the Marvel universe, complete with tie-ins for the various films as they released.

Since that original story went up, a date of closure was announced – December 31, the end of the year. Now, in an unfortunate turn, we’re hearing word that the game’s closure has been moved forward to November 24 – tomorrow – and that the developer responsible for the game is being disbanded, leaving employees without jobs right before Thanksgiving. Worst yet, it seems that they haven’t received any severance pay.

This was reported by Massively OP, which received a tip from a former employee who said that all staff had been let go. Since then, other evidence has popped up, including numerous tweets from former staff.

I know a lot of people are upset and wanting refunds for their purchases in @MarvelHeroes, but please keep in mind the developers were not paid out PTO, severance, and our medical insurance is ending in 8 days.

— Andrew Hair (@andrewhair) November 22, 2017

Officially unemployed on the day before thanksgiving.


— Brian Waggoner (@Asros) November 22, 2017

This screen from the company’s Discord lists the new date of closure. It’s a bad situation for all involved, and the employees not receiving their PTO or severance, right before Thanksgiving, is pretty horrible.

Our thoughts are with all the employees affected by this – and hopefully we’ll have more details soon, if an official statement is made.

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