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PS4 Black Friday deals – PS4 consoles, PS4 Pro, games, accessories, and more

Here are all the best PS4 Black Friday deals on cheap console bundles and games.

Do you feel it? That familiar thrill of not knowing whether you’ll make it out of the high street without getting crushed to death by a stampede of millennials ready to fight to the death over a half-price toaster or a cheap PS4 bundle? Yep, Black Friday is here.

We’ve been scouring retailers across the net to gather some of the best Black Friday PS4 deals for you here. Right now the best PS4 Black Friday deal you can get your mitts on in the UK is a PS4 Pro 1TB with Gran Turismo Sport from John Lewis for £282.95. For those in the US, you can get a PS4 1TB Slim from Amazon for $199. We’re expecting even more impressive bundles to launch on Black Friday proper.

For other Black Friday gaming deals, we’ve rounded up all the best offers from the likes of Amazon, Walmart, NewEgg, Razer, GameStop, Toys’R’Us, Target and Best Buy. Not one for Sony’s box? We’ve got pages filled with deals for other systems too:

Now the tradition of clubbing people to within an inch of their life with your free hand while grabbing the last of the merchandise off the shelves has been embraced on all shores, you’ll want to start saving some cash ahead of time for the big day wherever you are in the world.

This page will showcase the very best PS4 Black Friday offers for Slim, PS4 Pro as well as games to play. You can also check out our top picks for the best Xbox One Black Friday deals and likewise the best Nintendo Black Friday deals. Alternatively, you may want to check out our picks for PC gaming Black Friday deals or even the best 4K TV Black Friday deals, too.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday falls on November 24th this year, with Cyber Monday deals kicking in a few days later on November 27. Cyber Monday, for those of you who are unaware, is the second week-long set of sales, price cuts and special offers. the Originally this was set to the be online counterpart to the retail-only Black Friday but over the years, the lines have blurred and now it’s just one big discount Smörgåsbord. Expect a fresh set of deals that week since retailers will be keen to keep some tricks up their sleeves.

As for Black Friday itself, a lot of retailers start discounting their stock on the Friday before, so it’s likely that we’ll see some tantalising deals starting Friday 17 November, so keep checking in as we get closer to the big day. As we learned last year, though, there may even be retailers who push things even further back. Once we’re into November, stay vigilant and keep your eyes peeled. Alternatively, just come back here since we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled so you don’t have to.

Best PS4 Black Friday console bundles

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Black Friday is just around the corner, so we’ve scoured the interweb for some juicy deals on PS4 bundles. We’ll start by taking a look at the very best console deals you can find right now in the UK & US, then move onto some key video game releases you should be marking on your calendar. They may not all be at bargain basement prices, but you never know what Black Friday will bring.

Best PS4 Black Friday deals – UK

Best PS4 Black Friday deals – US

Best PS4 Black Friday game deals


Best PS4 games deals – UK

Best PS4 game deals – US

Expect to see a lot of cut price PS4, PS4 slim, Xbox One, and Xbox One S consoles over Black Friday as retailers sell off stock to make room for the shiny new versions; in this case, the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Looking at last year, you could pick up a PS4 Slim with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare for £189 from eBay, which was by far the cheapest PS4 deal around. In terms of the best value PS4 bundle, Tesco Direct came out ahead with a bundle offering a PS4 500GB Slim console with Uncharted 4, Titanfall 2, Mafia 3, FIFA 17, Dishonored 2 and Battlefield 1, all for £279.99 which is a little insane but unquestionably superb value. As for games on their own, Amazon was offering Destiny The Collection for £20, Overwatch for £25, DOOM for only £16 and then-newly-released Watch Dogs 2 for £32.

Last year’s deals tell us a little bit about what to expect this year. For one, there was a definite focus on adding value to console bundles by throwing in a frankly ludicrous amount of games and pricing the whole lot up with a big saving rather than just discounting consoles on their own. Now that the PS4 Pro has been out for a year and the Xbox One X will be on the market by the time Black Friday 2017 actually rolls around, it’s highly likely that we’ll see a whole range of 4K TVs seeing deep discounts, especially if they happen to be last year’s models and not the current cutting-edge tech.

If none of the above deals takes your fancy, don’t worry, since we’ll be here updating the page as often as possible to make sure all the very best deals are represented as and when they appear. Then, we’ll be here all the way through Black Friday itself, bringing you all the best deals around.

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