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GTA Online: Transform race creator goes live, Lazer jet available to buy

The ability to create you own Transform races in GTA Online is now live.

Transform races challenge players to complete courses in multiple vehicles, switching at checkpoints between bikes, planes, boats, parachutes, cars and other modes of transport.

This is the first time players have been able to create Transform races, following the release of creation tools for normal races and other game modes.

Also new to GTA Online today is the ability to but the Lazer P-996 jet fighter plane, if you happen to have a whopping $6.5 million in-game dollars spare.

You’ll also be rewarded a whole bunch of double RP and cash for taking part in any Rockstar created Transform races, as well as Inch by Inch, Every Bullet Counts, Running Back, Stockpile and Motor Wars game modes.

Thanks, FoxySnaps.

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