Farming Radiolarian Culture and Paradox Amplifiers for Lost Prophecy Weapon verses is a bit of a grind, so it’s good to go into Curse of Osiris knowing what is expected of you.

To make the most of the weapon forge in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris, you’ll need heaps of Radiolarian Culture and Paradox Amplifiers. It’ll take a while, but we’re here to help.

This article is part of our wider Destiny 2 guide, which we’re revisiting now that Curse of Osiris is upon us.

First up, you need to unlock the Lost Prophecy weapon forge – click on that link and we’ll take you through to our guide on how to do so. From here, you want to collect these items that can be used to forge weapons, but grabbing them takes time. Arekkz has a video below with his best tips, but we’ve written them up as well.

Every ten Radiolarian Cultures can be turned into a Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, and ten Paradox Amplifiers can be turned into an Advanced Paradox Amplifier, which you’ll need to forge weapons. Cultures are much more time-consuming to earn than Amplifiers, as it turns out, but there’s a trick to getting it done a little faster.

Radiolarian Cultures can drop after completing public events (at about a rate of one every two events), or they can be found in chests (at a rate of about one per five chests). These can be any chests – high-value target chests, world chests, and chests that pop after events are completed.

However, if a chest is opened during a public event, it seems like there is a higher chance of there being a Radiolarian Culture in there. Getting ten to use on a Lost Prophecy Weapon verse will still take time, but Arekkz advises heading to Titan for an easier time.

Titan has fewer public events than other zones, but because it’s smaller, there tend to be many chests in concentrated areas. If you go to an area where a public event is happening, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to open multiple chests during the event, and possibly reap higher rewards (make sure to complete the event, too).

If you have a ghost shell that helps with finding treasure, use that, or use the Nightstalker ‘Keen Scout’ tracker perk to find chests. It’s still going to take ages – particularly if you need 30 Radiolarian Cultures to make three verses and build a demanding Lost Prophecy weapon – but you can cut down on time a bit.

If you’re really lucky, sometimes a chest will contain a Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, but this is extremely rare – in a full day of grinding Arekkz only found one.

Paradox Amplifiers are more straightforward. Strikes, heroic adventures on Mercury, and matches in the Crucible can all award you Paradox Amplifiers, although if you’re serious about farming them, don’t do so with heroic adventures – it’s by far the most time-consuming method.

The best way to build up your Paradox Amplifiers, until you have ten and can make an Advanced Paradox Amplifier, is to spend time in the Crucible. Win, lose, or draw, you’ll find that you get rewarded with them quite often, sometimes even with two at the end of a round.

It’s still going to take you a long time to earn enough Paradox Amplifiers to build all the weapons, but at least the method is fairly straightforward.

So yes, it’s a grind to use the weapon forge, but you can make things easier on yourself. Best of luck out there, Guardian.

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