Trying to hit max Power before jumping into the Destiny 2 Eater of Worlds raid tomorrow? Join the club.

The Destiny 2 Eater of Worlds Raid arrives on December 8, and we’re here with some tips on how to reach 335 Power level before you take things on.

Sure, you only need to be at level 29 with 300 Power in order to descend into the bowels of the Leviathan, but being at max Power can only help.

Let’s get you leveled to 335 shall we?

Destiny: 2 Curse of Osiris – Six Tips to Help You Get to 335 Power Level

General Campaigns and Activities

Campaigns, Public Events, Adventures, and Strikes are important. If you have been playing Destiny 2, you have already participated in many of these already. This means, that going into the Curse of Osiris DLC your Power should already be sitting between 300-305.

The drops you’ve obtained throughout the game and early DLC activities will push your Power up to around 310 or 311. Many of the 305 items drop without mods, so if you infuse them into your existing gear, or mod the new items, then you should be hitting around 301 at this point.

Therefore, focus on the items which drop naturally for you early on so you can go into the Eater of Worlds raid with at least 310 Power.

If you aren’t even close to hitting 300 Power just yet, stop reading right now and head over to our Destiny 2 leveling guide page. Following the steps outlined will help you tremendously, so that you can continue on with the five steps below.

Farm Exotic Engrams

As always, Exotic drops are Power relevant. Granted, they will be slightly higher than you are currently, but they are a great way to boost item slots. If it is something you won’t be using, the item makes for great infusion fuel.

Upon completing the Curse of Osiris campaign, players will be handed a set of Exotic gauntlets. These Cult of Aeon items are one of your first Power boosts for the DLC, depending on what your level was when you completed the campaign. When it comes to Engrams, these drops are random for you when participating in events and any obtained will be of great value. Take advantage of these as much as you can while gearing up.

Exotics are obviously great for breaking through the 310 Power wall, but once you get into the higher 320s, these items will push your Power level even further. In short, much like Destiny 2 base game, farm public events and pick up Fireteam medallions from Tess Everis because these can bump up the Engram drop rate.

Works on those Milestones

Milestones in Destiny 2 are extremely important when trying gear up, so make sure you use them at the right time.

Milestones are basically a participation checklist, and completing each will reward the player with Powerful or Rare Armor. Each reward will be of value to you as a player and will always provide a boost. Just don’t turn in the milestones too early, or you will hurt yourself later on.

That said, there are five Destiny 2 Milestone you should focus on unlocking: the Flashpoint, Raid, Crucible, Clan XP, and the new Heroic Strikes milestone. While you will want to save the majority of these to when you’re pushing into 320 Power, one of those Milestones can help push you through the wall.

Remember: the Engrams you acquire through Milestones will scale to your Power level. So if you use them later on instead of right away, you will reach a higher Power level.

Play on Multiple Characters

While creating multiple Destiny 2 characters isn’t for everyone, it helps. For example: while completing the Curse of Osiris campaign on your second character won’t reward you again with the set of Exotic gauntlets, it will reward you with a powerful, level-appropriate Legendary engram to help you along towards the new cap.

Considering the DLC campaign is only around two hours long, it’s a short span of time to spend on acquiring an item to help you out in the long run. Plus, if there are Exotic weapon quests you haven’t completed on secondary characters in the base Destiny 2 game (such as The Rat King), you will find the drops will be on par with the current Power level.

Curse of Osiris Weapon Forge

In the Lighthouse social area – previously only accessible by achieving a flawless victory in the Trials of Osiris – you can trade in consumable materials for Osiris-themed weaponry. To start, you have to finish the Curse of Osiris campaign missions, which unlocks the ability to complete adventures on Mercury. When you’ve done that, make your way through the three normal difficulty adventures – this unlocks their heroic versions.

When you’ve finished one of these heroic adventures, you’ll be able to start the steps toward crafting some weapons. IN the Lighthouse, Brother Vance will give you a new item, the Lost Prophecy, Verse 1 – which will eventually turn into a scout rifle. While these weapons handed out upon completion aren’t all that exciting, but they are usual in your ongoing quest to hit 330 Power.

If you’re just getting started with the DLC and aren’t up to speed on things just yet, we show you how to unlock the weapons forge in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris through a quick guide.

Do the Leviathan Raid for a guaranteed 335 item

Yes, that’s right. Do the Leviathan raid and you will walk out of it with a nice, max Power drop. Now, with Cruse of Osiris, the Power level requirement has been upped to keep the raid relevant – but so have the drops. Completing the raid on normal difficulty will give you a guaranteed 33o item. Through a mod onto that and you have a max Power 335 item.

The raid will take around around six hours to complete, and it isn’t a cakewalk. Luckily, we have a Destiny 2 Leviathan raid guide ready for your special eye to devour. It’s a complete walkthrough, explains how to defeat Calus, and shows you where all the secret chests are stashed.

If you give the video from Arekkz above a watch, he explains all six steps above in more detail. And of course, our Destiny 2 guide will tell you even more about Legendary Engrams, Exotics, Milestones, the campaign, Adventures and so much more.

The Raid Lair Leviathan, Eater of Worlds goes live tomorrow, December 8, in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris at 10am pacific, 1pm eastern, 6pm UK.

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