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Stranger Things: The VR Experience out today on PlayStation Store

Teased back on Halloween, the Stranger Things VR experience is out today on the PlayStation store – and better yet, it’s free.

If you’ve ever wanted to muck about in Joyce’s front room, now’s your chance. The experience seems to take place in the Byers’ house, complete with (now conveniently seasonal) Christmas lights and alphabet scrawlings on the wall.

The description doesn’t shed much light on what happens, but it looks very similar – if not exactly the same – to a 360 video posted to YouTube by Netflix last year.

That video is embedded below, so if you don’t have PSVR – or have a Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR headset – you’re not left out. If you do have PlayStation VR and plan on downloading Stranger Things VR though, maybe give it a miss.

The experience requires both the PSVR headset and PS camera to work properly, as well as a PlayStation Move controller.

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