Fortnite Battle Royale is not afraid of removing weapons after adding them if it means the overall balance improves.

In the most recent Fortnite Battle Royale developer update, Epic Games revealed a bunch of exciting updates it’s currently working on for the game, including a 60fps option for consoles, changes to daily challenges and a lot more.

In the update, Epic also announced that this week, the SMG will be removed from the game. It’s a bit of weird move to take away something players have learned to enjoy and master, but it’s all going according to plan.

In a Reddit post, the developer explained that the concept of “vaulting” doesn’t just apply to the SMG. Any weapon could potentially be removed and later re-added as Epic sees fit. Fortnite players will have to get used to seeing weapons come and go based on the changing meta.

This also applies to other items like consumables, or really anything players can use in a match. As more items get added, many will inevitably get vaulted and later un-valuted.

In other Fortnite Battle Royale news, the game recently hit 3.4 million concurrent players, which created server problems for Epic the moment it happened and caused stability issues.

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