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Kingdom Come: Deliverance Lockpicking guide – how to lockpick, where to get lockpicks

Have you ever tried to pick a lock? It’s really, really hard. So it does make some sense that in their representation of 15th Century Bohemia, Warhorse Studios chose to make it next to impossible too (at least on console). Here’s our guide to lockpicking in Kingdom Come Deliverance, how to actually pick locks and where to find more lockpicks when yours inevitably break.

As more strategies emerge, we’ll update this page with the most up-to-date knowledge.

How to lockpick in Kingdom Come: Deliverance –

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lockpicking in Kingdom Come Deliverance is super tough and takes some real getting used to.

The game recommends that you have “one or two” spare lockpicks at all times, but in truth, you’re probably going to need closer to five or six.

What you have to do is, with the right stick or mouse, move the cursor until it gets big and golden. Then you have to rotate the left stick or press the “D” key, to turn the lock mechanism while keeping the cursor over the golden spot.

PC players have it much easier, since they only have to hold one key. On console, you not only have to rotate the left stick perfectly, but have rumble to contend with as well. Analogue sticks aren’t very precise at the best of times, let alone when you’re trying to pull of minute movements while the controller buzzes like a Nokia 3310 on vibrate.

These are our best tips for cracking locks on console –

Turn vibration off – This way you only have to concentrate on keeping the cursor in the right place and turning the left stick smoothly. On PS4, go to “Settings” on the console home menu, then “Devices”, then “Controllers”, then uncheck “Enable Vibration”. On Xbox, go to “System”, then “Settings”, then “Ease of Access”. When you’ve done that select “Controller” and then “Vibration settings”. You can always turn it back on when you’re done.

Move the cursor up and down – The golden sweet spot not only moves sideways as you turn the mechanism, but up and down as well. If you can’t find the best spot, try moving the right stick vertically.

Push the left stick further out – It’s much harder to get the rotation you need if you keep the left stick close to its neutral position. Push the left stick all the way to the edge and rotate it in a wide arc. This means you’re less likely to go too far and break your pick.

Practice – “Easy” locks are not easy, and you’re not going to get any help from console commands in Kingdom Come Deliverance like in Skyrim or Fallout. Relatively early on in the game, you’ll be introduced to lockpicking through a quest that’s supposed to teach you the mechanic, and duly plonks you in front of an “Easy” chest. Don’t bother with that, instead walk forward around the building and turn left. A short walk in front of you will be a “very easy” door. This is so much better to practice on. Either down a Saviour Schnapps and keep reloading until you get a better feel for it, or just reload your last save when you run out of picks.

Where to find lockpicks in Kingdom Come Deliverance:

Lockpicks are bought from many of Kingdom Come Deliverance’s traders and merchants, as well as gifted by some NPCs.

When you’re trying to get out of Talmberg, you can buy a lockpick from the trader by the main gate for around 18 Groschen. That’ll probably be more than you have, so go and ask Lady Stephanie for some cash.

In Rattay, if you speak to the Miller after you wake up, he’ll give you side quest. If you accept, you can then talk to him again and ask him to teach you how to lockpick. Doing so nets you five lockpicks.

From then on in the game, most traders will sell lockpicks, so just head to where one’s marked on your map. Remember to haggle for every purchase – coin is precious, especially in the early game.

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