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Fortnite: where to find Snobby Shores treasure map, bullseyes – all Season 3, Week 3 Challenges

Fortnite Season 3 Week 3 challenges are now live with update V3.2, with another 7 days of rewards handing out XP and Battle Stars.

If you have the Season 3 Battle Pass then completing weekly challenges and boosting your XP will help you climb tiers in Fortnite, unlocking the best new gear, outfits, emotes and other cool stuff.

Fortnite Season 3, Week 3 Challenges

Here’s all seven Week 3 Challenges and advice and tips on how to check them off your list. We’ll update throughout the day as we play through them.

Complete any 4 of these 7 challenges to earn an extra 4000 XP.

Harvest building resources with a pickaxe – 5 Battle Stars
This is an easy challenge through regular play and you’ll clean up as you swing that pickaxe.
Deal damage with Suppressed Weapons to opponents – 5 Battle Stars
Again, with the suppressed pistol or SMG you’ll have this in the bag in no time.
Search chests in Junk Junction – 5 Battle Stars
Junk Junction will be this week’s killzone as you search 7 chests here. You’ll be able to see chests on top of scrap from your glider as you drift down, and don’t forget to check the compactor.
Land on different Bullseyes – 5 Battle Stars
You can see the bullseyes as soon as you leap out of the Battle Bus, so just put your head down and circle around them once your glider is open. They’re mainly on rooftops, on top of high hills, bridges and other distinctive points on the map. As you get close to landing the bullseye disappears, but you’ll know you’ve nailed it as streamers pop off when you land. You need to land on 7 in total. Remember you can’t just quit out of a game or you’ll lose them. Play naturally to earn these.

Follow the treasure map found in Snobby Shores (Hard) – 10 Battle Stars

You’ll find the map pinned to the wall of the outbuilding in Snobby Shores but you don’t have to go there to earn this reward. You need to head to grid location 4C and you’ll find the giant Battle Star icon in the very bottom left corner of that grid between two trees. South of Pleasant Park, north of Greasy Grove. See the map below:

Crossbow Eliminations (Hard) – 10 Battle Stars
You only need to get one kill with the crossbow, so this is relatively easy, especially as it has unlimited ammo.
Eliminate opponents in Salty Springs (Hard) – 10 Battle Stars
You only need to kill 3 opponents in Salty Springs to grab this. Maybe try it during the new Teams of 20 mode?

Don’t forget that Week 2 Challenges are still alive as are Week 1, if you haven’t completed all of those yet, so you can still earn Battle Stars and XP for them.

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And if you haven’t already, you can hook up your Epic Games account to Twitch Prime and earn new outfits and a glider.

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