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“EA is not making a single dollar,” says A Way Out dev

A Way Out is the next game from the indie team behind the brilliant Brothers: A Tale of Two sons. Like the studio’s first game, it focuses on two characters who need to cooperate to win. Unlike the first game, it’s being published by EA.

That doesn’t mean EA has any creative control over the game, however. In fact, A Way Out’s outspoken, middle finger-flipping lead designer, Josef Fares, claims that EA isn’t even making any money out of the partnership.

“Here’s the thing, and you have to understand this: with this deal that I have for this game, EA is not making a single dollar out of this,” Fares explained in an interview with The Sixth Axis. “Every single dollar is going to the developer. They’re not even making any money and all I’ve got is support from EA.

“They’ve not questioned the vision – they can’t because I won’t allow it – so they’ve been super supportive all the way. Even with this buy one [Friend Pass] thing, no problem.”

If you aren’t already aware of it, the Friend Pass allows players to play A Way Out in online co-op with their friends with just a single copy of the game.

EA has recently come under a lot of criticism lately for the publisher’s handling of microtransactions in its biggest releases, particularly Star Wars Battlefront 2. Perhaps Fares will convince some video game fans that EA isn’t the evil overlord some people think it is.

If EA really isn’t making a penny from A Way Out, even though the publisher is handling marketing and PR, it does make you wonder why. We’ve asked EA for comment and will update if we hear back.

A Way Out releases March 23 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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