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Fortnite V3.3 adds llama loot, removes smoke grenades, jetpack is still AWOL

This week’s update to Fortnite will bring with it llamas, although the contents of the new type of loot is currently under wraps.

According to system’s designer Eric Williamson, llamas can be interacted with the same way you interact with chests and ammo boxes. The contents will “help you out in a pinch” suggesting a small surprise rather than a Legendary rocket launcher. They will be placed randomly on the map.

Here’s your first look at llamas in game:

Speaking in the latest development update, Williamson suggested that the teased jetpacks are some way off while Epic works to get the implementation of them right.

“We identified some issues with it and we wanted to make sure those were all sorted out before we release it,” said Williamson.

“In the meantime we’ll have some new things coming soon.”

Systems designer Eric Williamson provides more info on the delay of the Jetpack and hints at the new feature coming to Battle Royale. pic.twitter.com/K3EBn5Iapa

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) March 9, 2018

As well as the addition of llamas this week, Fortnite V3.3 will remove smoke grenades from the game entirely as they just aren’t getting much use in play.

Things continue to heat up for Fortnite. Over the weekend, both Microsoft and Epic said they would like to see cross-platform play between PS4 and Xbox One. Those are about the only two platforms that can’t currently play together, with PC, mobile and consoles all able to share players from today and rolling out over the next couple of months.

You have a few days left to get all your Week 3 challenges in the bag before Fortnite V3.3 drops on Thursday, March 15.

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