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Fortnite: all dance floor locations and where to dance on 3 different dance floors

Dance. Dance. Dance. Fortnite’s Week 8 challenges want you to dance on different dance floors.

To complete this challenge, you simply need to track down three different dance floors and boogie on down.

Fortnite dance floor locations

Dance floors have sprung up all over Fortnite Island. Here are the locations of the ones we know about so far, via Fortnite Intel:

Flush Factory

Have a scout around the Flush Factory to track down the neon dance floor.

RV Park

Head east of retail row to find this one hidden in the RV park behind some breakable boards in a barn.

Haunted House

Go southwest of Pleasant Park and search inside the Haunted House.

Fortnite dance on different dance floors map

If these directions are hard to follow, or you just like to see the spots on the map for any other reason, check out the map below. Reddit user thesquatingdog did a great job show exactly where each spot is.

Here’s the map, and make sure to open it in a new tab if you want to zoom in as you please.

We will add more to this list as we find them, assuming there are more.

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Remember that all previous week’s challenges stay live, so there’s still plenty of time to find the treasure from the map in Retail Row or to search the Hidden Gnomes.

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