The Abandoned Resort is one of the most popular spots in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ codename Savage map.

Just like practically most locations in Savage, the version we saw in previous tests was unfinished.

This also includes the town name, and PUBG Corp. is looking for a better one than the Abandoned Resort.

Unfortunately, you’re not free to suggest any name. The developer is instead giving players the choice of one of five names. Your picks can be Palms Resort, Terrace Resort, Paradise Hotel, Nosidam Resort, or Emerald Resort.

You can cast your vote through this handy survey link.

The Abandoned Resort is located in the North-East of Savage. It’s relatively close to other popular drop spots like Training Center, Logging Camp, and Bootcamp Bravo.

Seeing as how PUBG Corp. is soliciting new names for the Abandoned Resort, there’s a good chance it’ll be doing the same with other spots.

We’re not sure when the next Savage test will take place, but we do know there’ll be plenty more before the map hits live servers.

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