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Fortnite Orange Justice: Orange Shirt Kid is the people’s BoogieDown winner

One of the reasons Fortnite stands out in the crowded Battle Royale genre is its sense of humour, and nowhere is this more apparent than its collection of kooky dance emotes. The latest addition, Orange Justice, is a cheeky nod to the Fortnite community, with Epic Games once again knocking it out of the park with the in-jokes.

Through April, Fortnite developers Epic Games ran a competition on Twitter where fans had to tweet videos of themselves performing their best ideas for new dance emotes to #BoogieDown.

Some of the entries were genuinely impressive, like the “official” winner, @Populotus:

#BoogieDown #BoogieDownContest #BoogieDownChallenge

My submission for the Boogie Down Challenge!

Youtube Link: https://t.co/k9cG706xQw pic.twitter.com/u8pNDfy8MR

— Widowvlogger (@Populotus) April 6, 2018

He even formed a mini dance-troupe to showcase his entry:

Doing my #BoogieDown dance for #Fortnite with other dancers!

Youtube Link: https://t.co/tJ48DWtsNn pic.twitter.com/fGPWp9wJvl

— Widowvlogger (@Populotus) April 7, 2018

But one veritable Baryshnikov captured the hearts and minds of Fortnite players like no other – Orange Shirt Kid:

Lmao I’m so cringe.But here.#BoogieDown pic.twitter.com/HlxnchVOy7

— Orange Shirt Kid (@Kid_Fortnite12) March 30, 2018

He promised cringe, we got cringe.

Orange Justice:

Following the announcement of Populotus as the winner of the competition, indignant community members started to tweet their displeasure using #JusticeForOrangeShirtKid.

But with the release of Fortnite Season 4, Epic have taken the joke to the next level by immortalising the Orange Shirt Kid with his very own emote – Orange Justice.

And with the original entry tweet now sitting on more than 1.3 million views, Orange Shirt Kid really is the people’s BoogieDown champion.

Perhaps the best nod to the community here though is that you can unlock Orange Justice without the Season 4 Battle Pass, simply by reaching tier 26 as you play the game.

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