Another week, another treasure hunt. This time you’re looking to follow a map found in Salty Springs.

As part of the Fortnite Week 3 Challenges, you’re tasked to follow a treasure map found in Salty Springs. Follow it to a giant Battle Star and you’ll get 10 stars and shoot up a tier. Nice.

You can of course go to Salty Springs and find the map pinned to a wall, decipher the scrawled clues and track down the location. But that’s the long-winded way.

Instead, we recommend following this handy map, which shows the Battle Star is on the east side of the map, to the left of the biggest tree at the race track. The location is J7. All you have to do is drop out the Battle Bus and glide down to its location to grab it.

Salute to Gaming Soldiers for the map.

And that’s it! You can now get on with the rest of the challenges. Or you could camp that spot and wait for other players to land and fill them full of bullets while they swing their axes wildly.

There’s a new patch due today for Fortnite which will introduce the Burst Assault Rifle, but it’s been a little delayed with no ETA at the time of writing.

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