The small, multi-national team at Mono Studio is building Insomnia: The Ark, a tactical RPG set in a unique world.

The world of Insomnia: The Ark is inspired by classic like Metropolis, that is to say, it’s a science-fiction story about a future with retro aesthetics.

The game takes place on Object 6, a space station on a 400-year journey to find a new home for the remnants of the human race. The game’s visual style is a mix of dieselpunk and traditional sci-fi.

Insomnia: The Ark is a tactical RPG with real-time combat. The camera is very action-focused, unlike the classic RPGs the game is inspired by. Mono Studio promises deep crafting and a flexible perk system that gets rid of typical class archetypes.

The game’s world is designed to be explored, and the announcement teases hidden quests and NPCs that you’ll have to find on your own. The developer is also promising a reactive story where player choice is crucial.

It looks very promising, as you can see in the trailer and screenshots below.

Insomnia: The Ark has been in development for around nine years. It raised around $100,000 all way the back in 2014 through Kickstarter, and it’s coming to PC this year.

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