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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 on PC will use Battle.net

PC players can look forward to a custom built Black Ops 4 experience using Bizzard’s Battle.net service.

The PC version was developed alongside Beenox, and will be the first Call of Duty title to use the Battle.net service, confirming the rumours from earlier this year.

Treyarch will be focusing on PC “as its own platform” to “give PC gamers what they deserve.” Studio head, Mark Gordon, confirmed that this version of the game has been custom built for the PC.

Blizzard’s lead programmer for Battle.net, Aaron Ponoroff, confirmed that Black Ops 4 will be “fully integrated with all of the social features on Battle.net.” Players can add and chat with friends, party up, see which games they’re buddies are playing, and generally partake in all of the features that Battle.net bestows as a part of its service.

There have been specific gameplay tweaks to better fit keyboard and mouse players – like weapon recoil, gunplay mechanics, and a redesign of the UI flow.

The PC version will have an uncapped framerate and will support 4K, HDR, Ultrawide monitors, as well as having “great scalability options”. The whole kaboodle.

A battle royale mode was also confirmed for Black Ops 4, and the game has done away with the traditional single-player campaign and the recharging health system.

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The game is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 12. Players who pre-order will be granted access to the closed beta before release.

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