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Fortnite: Score on different pitches – where to find the football/soccer stadiums in Fortnite

World Cup fever comes to Fortnite! Just like the 32 teams headed to Russia, you too will soon be chasing a sphere of inflated rubber around a patch of grass in search of glory. Here’s where to find the three football/soccer stadiums in Fortnite and score on different pitches.

This is one of the week 7 challenges in Fortnite, which earn you Battle Stars that count towards your Battle Pass progress for the season.

Fortnite: Score on different pitches –

This is an interesting challenge, because it could be really, really easy or very, very hard. Hopefully it’ll turn out more like when we had to work together to raise the Loot Lake disco ball of few weeks ago, rather than when we had to scour the map for F-O-R-T-N-I-T-E letters and everyone and their mum was camping next to them.

You’ll need to score on five of the seven pitches to complete your challenge.

All you have to do is kick the ball in the centre of the pitch into one of the goals on either side. You’ll know when you’ve scored because the ball will burst into confetti.

You can’t shoot the ball, so don’t waste your bullets.

There are two ways to approach this challenge. You can either head straight for the pitches and chance your luck at being the first there. Or alternatively, you can wait until the mid-game when some of the competition has dissipated, but the storm circle isn’t keeping you from getting to where you need to.

The first soccer pitch was added to the Fortnite map recently. It’s north of Pleasant Park and southeast of Junk Junction (see screenshot below):

This is the biggest outdoor football pitch, and it’s new, so it’ll probably attract the most attention. If you decide to head straight here, try to get the challenge done as quickly as possible. There are multiple weapon spawns around the stadium, so there will likely be campers waiting for you later on.

The second soccer pitch is also outdoors, at the southern edge of Pleasant Park (see screenshot):

This is a smaller pitch on much flatter terrain, so there should be fewer places for people to camp unseen.

The last football stadium is just a bit further south, to the west of Tilted Towers inside of a building (see screenshot below):

This pitch has been in the game for a while now, so it might be a bit more familiar to you. Check your corners and the bleachers as you enter. This last pitch is quite small, so it should fairly quick and easy to hit the back of the net.

There are now four more secret pitches that you can find. The first is in the car park on the eastern side of Flush Factory. The goal posts are toilets.

The second one is in the field in the northeast of Fatal Fields with scarecrows as defenders.

You can find the third one under the cinema screen at the south side of Risky Reels.

And the final secret pitch is in the container area that’s south of Tomato Town and north of Retail Row.

For help with the rest of the Fortnite Week 7 challenges, check out our main page.

If you’re struggling to follow the treasure map found in Pleasant Park, we’ve got a guide for that as well.

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