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Rocket League and Vermintide 2 now available through Xbox Game Pass

Rocket League has arrived on Xbox Game Pass alongside Vermintide 2, which was released on the console today.

Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now give Rocket League a go as well as Vermintide 2.

Psyonix Studios released its cross-platform title on the service today. The game features cross-network support through Private Matches. Cross-platform party support is expected this summer, which will allow PC, Switch, and Xbox One users to play together.

Party support will also be available between PC and PlayStation 4.

Those in the mood for a super fun action-RPG can also play Warhammer: Vermintide 2 through Xbox Game Pass.

The game recently left beta on Xbox One and was released for the system today.

For those without Xbox Game Pass, the game is available in two versions: Standard Edition ($29.99/€29.99/£23.99), and Premium Edition ($44.99/€44.99/£35.99). An upgrade is available to Game Pass users to get the full Premium Edition experience.

If you need some pointers, our Vermintide 2 guides are here to help. Click that link to learn all about classes, and here you can find out about weapon and item traits. Information on character progression, how drops work, and cosmetics can be found through our Loot Primer guide.

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