Fortnite Season 5 includes some very cool new skins. Let’s take a look at your new favourite outfits.

As Fortnite Season 5 introduces a whole bunch of changes, including new locations and the All Terrain Kart, it also drops a stack of groovy new skins for you to wear.

The game is currently offline while the update is applied, but that hasn’t stopped data miners Two Epic Buddies from scouring the patch for new gear.

Here’s what they’ve found so far; skins that include a shark outfit, wrestler, viking warrior, and err, some bloke in a hoodie.

Fortnite Season 5 skins

Most importantly, here’s all the different parts for the Battle Pass skin, which you will unlock as you progress through the tiers during Season 5, as you did with Carbide in Season 4.

Other artwork released via Epic Games shows a female viking warrior, a special forces soldier and a guy wearing the Kitsune mask teased earlier this week.

Back bling includes a shark fin, obviously, as well as an inflatable unicorn, cape and giant penguin.

There’s the giant viking axe teased a few days ago, a balloon pickaxe and a tire wrench among the new pickaxes, as well as gliders based on a viking longboat, speedboat and one made of denim and rhinestone.

We’ll update with more skins and the order you’ll unlock them during the Battle Pass, as soon as the game is back online.

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