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Fortnite: Search Floating Lightning Bolts – Every Floating Lightning Bolt location

With the start of Season 5 we’ve got an electrifying new challenge to contend with. Here’s how to Search Floating Lightning Bolts around the map.

To collect the Lightning Bolts and have them count towards your challenge progress you can’t just glide through them – you have to land and then hold a button or key to search them properly.

You’re going to need a lot of materials to search these floating lightning bolts. They are actually quite high up in the air and can be quite difficult to gather when people are shooting at you.

Search Floating Lightning Bolts:

You have to search seven Floating Lightning Bolts to complete the challenge, here’s where you can find them.

  • Directly in the centre of Titled Towers.
  • In the West of Retail Row between the ruined houses
  • In the centre of the newly overgrown research centre above the Dusty Divot
  • In the center of Greasy Grove to the northeast of the burger place
  • Really high above the river to the northwest of Tomato Town
  • In the sky above the Motel that’s between Anarchy Acres(now Lazy Links), Pleasant Park and Junk Junction
  • Above the dock on the western bank of Loot Lake

If we find more places where you can search floating lightning bolts, then we’ll add them as alternative locations.

Once you’re done with this challenge, why not try and follow the treasure map found in Risky Reels?

There’s tons more to get stuck into with this new season of Fortnite, including the Week 1 challenges, new skins and new locations like Lazy Links and Paradise Palms.

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