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Xbox One 1810 firmware brings Dolby Vision support for streaming

Xbox One will soon get Dolby Vision support for video streaming.

Xbox One S and Xbox One X already support Dolby Vision through Blu-ray discs, but the new 1810 update – currently available for Preview members – expands this to also include video streaming.

In other words, you will be able to watch Netflix content in Dolby Vision where available, the same way you can on an Apple TV, or through the built-in TV apps that support it.

The feature will be available on both Xbox One S, and Xbox One X.

Following the recent revival of Avatars, update 1810 brings Avatars to the dashboard. You’ll be able to see yours and your friends’ on the dashboard. Avatars will also be available in user profiles, gamerscore comparisons, community posts, and even idle system notification.

The search feature is being expanded to include games Ready to Install, whether you own the license, or have them as part of EA Access or Xbox Game Pass. Not all features will be available to all users on the same day, but should instead roll out to Preview members gradually.

Update 1810 also has a new experimental feature that allows users to share game-specific stats with friends, but only select few will be able to test out the current iteration.

The update does not yet a release date for the winder user base.

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