Forget Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland – Nathan Fillion is the Drake you want for Uncharted.

Remember that Nathan Fillion-related Uncharted teaser? It seems that wasn’t for an official movie, but a 15-minute long fan film.

What’s more? You can watch it right now.

The video follows Fillion as Nathan Drake, shortly after his capture by Mexican gangsters intent on retrieving a stolen artifact. As the video proceeds, we realize this is all part of Drake’s plan (well, Elena and Scully’s), as he needed to infiltrate their compound to acquire historical records leading to a much bigger treasure. Along the way, we see some of the usual Uncharted set pieces – from Nathan investigating clues, to taking beatings from goons. There’s even a shootout sequence filmed in the third-person style of the video games.

Fillion is clearly a natural choice to play as Nathan Drake, capturing the same chaotic playfulness Nolan North depicted in the games. Since there are clearly efforts to rewrite the planned movie script, perhaps we might see a full-length version of Fillion’s take after all.

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