Running parallel to the rest of the tasks in Fortnite Season 5, there’s an extra special goal waiting for you at the end. Here’s where to find all of the Road Trip secret hidden Battle Stars, week to week.

Once you’ve completed all of the challenges in a week, you’ll unlock a special loading screen. Somewhere on the loading screen will be hidden directions to a secret Battle Star which gives you ten bonus Stars towards your Battle Pass progress.

This star will only appear once you’ve completed all seven challenges from a week. Once you’ve completed seven, you’ll unlock a new exclusive skin for your collection.

Road Trip Secret Hidden Battle Star Week 1 location:

In the first week, you’re headed to the west of the new location Lazy Links. On the map you’ll see an umbrella shaped ditch in the ground. On the northern tip of the umbrella – up on a small ledge – is where you’ll find the Battle Star.

Here’s a screen of the location:

Road Trip Secret Hidden Battle Star Week 2 location:

For Week 2 you’re dropping in at Lazy Links again. This time the Hidden Battle Star is on top of the main clubhouse in the north of the area – to the north of the swimming pool. It’s on the highest point of the building. You can see it marked on the loading screen below:

Once you’ve completed all of this week’s challenges, there’s still plenty to do. Why not find an ATK and take it for a spin. Or work on grinding out XP to level up your Drift and Ragnarok Skins.

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