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Hearthstone: Boomsday Project guide – best decks, tier list, more

The Boomsday Project is Hearthstone’s thirteenth expansion if you include all of the Adventures released for the game, and it’s a card set that turns once more to the kind of Mech-fuelled mayhem that powered 2014’s Goblins vs Gnomes expansion.

You can expect the usual mix of new cards, new keywords and single-player content with Boomdsay, and in this guide we’ve rounded up every last scrap of information you need to know about what’s coming next for Hearthstone.

Our friends at sister-site Metabomb will be providing comprehensive guides coverage for all the new and updated decks that emerge in the new meta too, and we’ll be dropping in links to those articles once the expansion is under way.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Boomsday Project!

Hearthstone: Boomsday Project Release Date

The Boomsday Project released this week.

Hearthstone Boomsday Decks

Now the expansion is fully underway, here’s the best Boomsday Project decks:










Hearthstone Boomsday New Keyword: Magnetic

To add a little extra spice to the many Mech minions that are being added to Hearthstone, there’ll also be a new keyword called Magnetic.

Certain Mechs will include this keyword, and when played you’ll have the option to fuse it with another friendly Mech. All health and attack stats are combined as part of this process, and any other effects and abilities are likewise melded together.

If you want to play the Magnetic minion as a separate character, pop it to the right of any active Mechs you have on the board. If you want to merge them together, pop it to the left. Nice and simple.

Omega Cards

A new category of card is being added with Boomsday called Omega cards. These cards have a middling Mana cost and boast solid enough stats in their own right. If you play them in the late-game when you have ten Mana Crystals in the tank though, they gain an additional, very powerful effect.

Note that not all of Hearthstone’s heroes will gain an Omega card. Druid’s are a notable exception here, as they possess too many ways to reach maximum Mana much more quickly than other heroes can, and so could potentially become imbalanced.

Legendary Spells

If you ignore the Quest spells that were introduced with last year’s Journey to Un’Goro expansion, Legendary Spells have never appeared in Hearthstone before. That’s changing with the Boomsday Project, and each hero in the game will be getting its own supercharged spell.

The Rogue, for example, gets Myra’s Unstable Element. This 5-Mana spell draws the rest of your deck into your hand when played – potentially a huge play when both players are in the late-game with little fuel in the tank.

New Single-Player Content: Puzzle Lab

After the releases of Dungeon Run and Monster Hunt, Blizzard has decided to shake things up a little bit for the single-player side of The Boomsday Project.

This time around, you’ll have to solve a number of board-state puzzles in an area of Hearthstone called The Puzzle Lab. Expect 120 puzzles in total when the mode goes live.

There are four different categories of puzzles to solve:

  • 1. Lethal – This requires you to destroy the opponent from a tricky position.
  • 2. Mirror – In these puzzles you’ll have to perfectly mirror the opponent’s board-state.
  • 3. Board Clear – Here you must obliterate the board of any minions that are present.
  • 4. Survival – Use all the healing options you can find to survive the onslaught.

Hearthstone Boomsday Pre-order Bundles

There are a couple of pre-order options available right now, and you can actually take advantage of both on the same account if you wish.

The Regular Bundle provides 40 Boomsday Packs, a random Golden Legendary card from the Boomsday set and a fancy pre-order card back. The cost of this bundle is £44.99 / $49.99.

The Mega Bundle provides 80 Boomsday Packs, a random Golden Legendary card, the pre-order card back and an alternative Warlock hero portrait called MECHA-JARAXXUS. This advanced bundle will set you back £69.99 / $79.99.

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