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Destiny 2: Forsaken – how to complete Oracle Engine Offering & Corsair Down quests

As more players unlock The Dreaming City and all the missions it has to offer, we’re going to take a quick look at two quests you can do that have been causing players some difficulty: The Offering to the Oracle and Corsair Down

Completing the Oracle Engine offering

This quest begins by completing the weekly pursuit called Gateway Between Worlds from Petra Venj. It costs 40 dark fragments to begin; these fragments can be found almost anywhere in The Dreaming City. You also want to pick up a weekly bounty called Audience with the Queen, which requires you to bring an offering to the Oracle Engine. They go hand in hand so it’s important to pick up both.

In order to complete the pursuit, you must complete Blind Well runs; you must fill the bar up to 100 percent and with Tier one offering 10 percent completion, Tier two 20 percent and Tier three 30 percent; you can do the maths to figure out how many runs you’ll have to do to achieve this.

Once you’ve done this you’ll receive the Offering to the Oracle consumable. Head over to the observatory where you finished up The Dreaming City campaign mission and go up a level to the glowing Oracle Engine stone. After interacting with it a chest will appear which should hopefully drop some legendary gear; you’ll also have finished the weekly bounty so remember to hand that in for even more rewards which will give you a significant power boost, just in time for next week’s raid.

Corsair Down

Corsair Down doesn’t appear to be of that great value but there’s been a lot of active interest in the mission.

The item which starts the quest drops from various defeated enemies in the Dreaming City, and on inspection says something along the lines of: “The fieldcom device crackles weakly. You can just hear an encoded SOS, repeating something about a garden.”

This message can vary player to player, however, so you may well have a message about the Mist or the Spine; It’s not clear how many versions of these there are.

You’re looking for a dead Corsair. Upon interacting with it, enemies will spawn and once defeated will drop a Corsair badge. If you have a garden version, start in the drop zone, go right to the caves and when you get out of the other side, hug the wall to the right and follow this path all the way to the end. It’s quite a long way to go, and there are a number of high level enemies to defeat for some more experience and loot.

At the end, there’s a room with the dead corsair on the right and a portal in the middle. Some people have said you need the Ascendance Buff to see these, but we’re not sure if that’s 100% necessary at this stage. If you’re not seeing them then try drinking the Tincture of Queensfoil and see if it makes a difference by giving you the unique 30 minute buff.

This mission appears to be quite buggy. In some locations, enemies didn’t drop the icon and players were killed before they were finished interacting with the corsair. The Mist version seems to be the most reliable over the garden and spine version.

The dropped item will have a diamond icon hovering over it so you know what you’re looking for. You then return it to the scouts in a small cave just before the palace entrance. Rewards seem to be dark fragments and rare blue gear, so it’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth pursuing or not.

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