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Microsoft: there’s “more than enough” content this holiday, “we didn’t need Crackdown 3”

It appears the Crackdown 3 delay into 2019 was probably for the best.

The release season this year is stacked with big names, and it’s possible Crackdown 3 would have gotten lost in all the noise.

That is, if it were to have released during the period. Microsoft only recently announced a firm release window. Prior to E3 2018, Microsoft only provided a ballpark figure so to speak.

With the fall release schedule packed and the holiday shopping season approaching, there will be plenty of games to help move consoles. Going by comments made by Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft didn’t need to throw Crackdown 3 into mix – or any of its titles for that matter.

Speaking with GI.biz, Greenberg said Microsoft has a steady stream of content is planned for 2019. The holiday season will instead focus on third-party partners, and available first-parties such as Forza Horizon 4, which is out early next month.

“We’re going to get [Forza Horizon 4] out early [October 2] and before the blast radius,” Greenberg said. “We didn’t need Crackdown or any of our titles in this holiday window. We’re planning to launch that in February, and then after that we will launch Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

“We like to have a steady cadence of content throughout the year. But there is more than enough content this holiday. That’s why we’re working with so many third-party partners to showcase their games and help drive our platform during that window.

“I can’t think of a holiday that had more AAA games in such a tight time period.”

Makes sense. Should Microsoft have released Crackdown 3 during quarter four, it would’ve had to contend with Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Black Ops 4, Battlefield 5, Fallout 76, and plenty more third-parties hitting Xbox One.

Plus, Microsoft also plans to go big on Xbox Game Pass this shopping season. Greenberg feels those purchasing an Xbox One for Christmas will find it to be “the best holiday gift” for the recipients.

Microsoft already offers console bundles which include a one month sub to Xbox Games Pass and Xbox Live Gold. There’s also the rumor of a new service, Xbox All Access.

Similar to phone leases through mobile carriers, it’s said Xbox All Access will run $22 per month and comes with an Xbox One S, Xbox Live Gold, and Xbox Game Pass. At the end of the two-year contract, customers will have full ownership of the console.

Reports state there’s also and Xbox One X tier which runs at $35 per month. If rumors prove true, the contract servuce could be a system seller for shoppers who don’t have $260+ to spend on just one present.

So, yes, Greenberg is right. Microsoft doesn’t need Crackdown 3 this shopping season. There will be plenty of incentives without it.

Crackdown 3 is slated for release in February.

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