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Fortnite: Search Jigsaw Puzzle pieces in basements – locations with map

There’s a jigsaw puzzle hidden in basements around the Fortnite map – your reward for solving it: ten Battle Stars. Here are all of the Jigsaw locations that we’ve found so far, so you can tick off this week’s special challenge.

There are actually loads of basements littered around the map, so we’ll only list seven main ones that you’ll need to visit to complete the challenge. If you’re running into a lot of other players and finding it difficult, we’ll add an extra list below with addition locations.

Search Jigsaw Puzzle pieces in basements locations:

There are the seven basement Jigsaw locations that you need to search to earn your Battle Stars this week. Take a look at the map below first, then we’ll expand with full written descriptions:

Western house in Salty Springs –

    • In the large white house in the west of Salty Springs you’ll find stairs that lead down to a basement. You’ll find a jigsaw piece down here, as well as a chest spawn in the bathroom to the left.

Northwest of Shifty Shafts –

    • Outside of the main Shifty Shafts area, to the northwest, there are two houses. In the southern house there’s a basement with a green screen and TV camera where you should be able to find a jigsaw piece.

South of Greasy Grove –

    • Near the edge of the map, south of Greasy Grove, there’s a wooden structure with a room and balcony with a sofa on. Inside, there’s a staircase that leads down to a basement where you should be able to find another piece of the puzzle.

In the east of Pleasant Park –

    • On the eastern side of Pleasant Park there’s a house with bulkhead doors that lead down to a basement on its northern side. Break the doors with your pickaxe and you’ll be able to get in. There should be a jigsaw puzzle piece inside.

South of Snobby Shore –

    • Head due south from Snobby Shore and you’ll come to a house that has storm doors on the ground on its northern side just like in Pleasant Park. This leads down to another basement where hopefully you’ll find another puzzle piece.

North of Tomato Temple –

    • Follow the path north out of Tomato Temple and you’ll find a large house on the eastern side of the road. It’s a little to the southeast of the bridge that’s east of Lazy Links. There are bulkhead doors that you have to break with your pickaxe to get down into the basement here too.

Durr Burger in Greasy Grove –

  • Go through the front door of the burger joint in Greasy Grove and jump over the sales counter. Head around the corner and you’ll find stairs that lead down to the large basement.

Additional Jigsaw locations:

East of Risky Reels –

    • Outside of the main Risky Reels area to the northeast you’ll find two houses. On the eastern house you’ll see another set of storm doors that lead to a basement.

2nd house in Snobby Shores –

    • Go straight through the front door and you’ll see a staircase down into the basement.

Even further north of Tomato Temple –

    • There’s another very similar house with storm doors that lead to a basement if you keep heading north from the other one. It’s near the edge of the map, further north than the bridge.

Underground garage in southwest of Tilted Towers

  • On the road that enters Tilted on the western side, turn and head south. Crouch under the slightly open metal door and go down the ramp. There’s a jigsaw piece in here.

When you’re done here, why not search between a covered bridge, waterfall, and the 9th green?

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