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Fortnite: How to complete Timed Trials – Locations and Tips

It’s a race against time to finish one of Fortnite’s toughest challenges!

Update 11 Oct: Please note these are the time trial locations from last Season. We’re in the process of grabbing locations, a map and tips asap for the Season 6 Week 3 Challenges.

Original story: Here’s how to “Complete Timed Trials”, including the locations you need to visit and tips on how to finish the races within the time limit.

What you have to do is not only find stopwatches hidden around the Fortnite map, but build structures to collect the other stopwatches that appear when you use them. This is one of the most difficult tasks to ever hit Fortnite since it requires considerable, and precise, set up – so it’s definitely one to try in 50v50 mode.

Complete Timed Trials around the Fortnite map:

Contrary to what you’d think with a time trial, you don’t need an ATK for every part of this challenge, in fact, it’d be pretty hard to actually do some of them in time using one. Some are easier if you’ve got a vehicle though. Here’s a list of the ATK golf cart locations we’ve found.

Below in black circles are the locations of the stopwatches you need to find to complete the Timed Trials. If we find more, we’ll add them:

Fortnite Timed Trials Locations:

  • You can find a Timed Trial southeast of Tilted Towers and west of Salty Springs – on the edge of the river where it curves away from Tilted and towards Salty. You don’t need an ATK for this one, it’s all about building economically upwards. Build some stairs up to the first stopwatch you can see, then build across using flat panels before making more stairs. This one’s tricky, but try to build as short a route as possible between them.
  • Head over to the northern part of Lonely Lodge and you’ll find another Trial. It’s on top of the large sports shop. This one looks like another runner. Build ramps up to the raised stopwatches before you go for your full run, especially on the RV, or you’ll struggle to make time.
  • There’s another Timed Trial in the east of Retail Row. We did this one in an anti-clockwise direction. Run over to the purple/pink car first, then hop over the hedge. Build a ramp up onto the truck, then keep running around in a circle and you should make it.
  • South of the bridge between Lazy Links and Risky Reels in the middle of the river. This one is tough to do running, you might be better trying to build ramps and get an ATK speed boost. If you’re using an ATK, build a ramp up to where the second stopwatch will be. Start the trial, jump into your golf cart and collect the first stopwatch, then drive up the ramp to jump to the second. Then drive through the remaining stopwatches, power-sliding around the corner to get a speed boost that’ll launch you off of the edge to collect the final point.
  • You can find another Timed Trial to the southeast of Junk Junction. This one is doable running, but you’ll need to build a decent path. The route we used was anti-clockwise. First, build stairs to the stopwatch closest to you, then use flat tiles to get closer to the second. Then you want to build a circular path around to all of the other stopwatches. You can then connect it to the floor again on the left hand side where there’s another stopwatch that’s lower down than the rest.
  • Head southeast of the southern most house in Snobby Shores to find another Trial. You’ll need an ATK for this one, which is good since there are plenty in Snobby. Get a decent running start and remember to use your power-slide around corners to close the distance more quickly.
  • The last Trial we’ve found is southwest of Paradise Palms, in the valley to the north of the gas station that’s in the west of the desert area. This is probably the easiest of them all by quite a long way. To start, just sprint through the stopwatches, then build some stairs up to the one that’s up on a rock. Jump off the cliff edge to grab the last one.

Once you’ve found and used the stopwatch, you have to run and collect the floating stopwatches that it spawns. You will need to build to do this.

There are lots of things to collect and you’ll have to retrace your steps multiple times to get to where you need to go. Build towards what you can see first, then build to the next, and so on until you can collect them all in one run. It’s tough to do before the storm hits on your own, which is why we suggest heading into squads or 50v50.

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