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Fortnite: Ring doorbells – where are the house locations with doorbells

In keeping with Season 6’s Halloween theme, one of Fortnite’s weekly challenges is to play trick or treat.

As part of the Week 4 Challenges, players are tasked with ringing the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside. You need to do this three times to earn your battle stars.

Doorbells have only just been added to houses this week, and even then, not all houses have doorbells. Look for houses with plenty of Halloween decorations outside, like the inflatable witches and cardboard gravestones, and you’re more likely to find a house with a doorbell.

Since the launch of Season 6, pumpkins, dry ice machines, inflatable witches, hanging ghosts and even graveyards have started to appear outside some homes, and it’s these houses that we’re focusing on for this trick-or-treat style challenge.

Ring the doorbell of a house with an opponent inside

The first location to focus on is Pleasant Park, as it seems to have the houses with the most Halloween decorations. We’ve spotted three in total.

  • North east in Pleasant Park is a house with massive inflatable witch outside and a giant cobweb.
  • In the west of Pleasant Park there’s a house with a graveyard and haunted house in the garden.
  • And in the south east is a house with a haunted house outside it and pumpkins on the floor.

Next, let’s take a look at Paradise Palms. You’ll find another three doorbells here

  • In the very north of Paradise Palms is a house with a witch and pumpkins outside.
  • In the south east there’s a house covered in cobwebs, witches and a graveyard in the carport. And right next to that house is another with Halloween decorations.

There are also four houses in Salty Springs that are worth a look, but these don’t all have Halloween decorations outside.

  • The large house to the east, just opposite the gas station.
  • A house in the centre of Salty Springs that’s rather plain looking.
  • A house in the west of Salty with purple lighting and a purple haunted house outside of it – and now check the house opposite because it also has a doorbell.

If you’re currently working your way through the Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass, here are all the challenges so far:

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