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Fortnite: Dance in different forbidden locations

Got a ton of sick dance emotes, but just don’t have chance to use them? Well this weekly challenge give you a chance to strut your stuff all around the Fortnite map. Here’s where to dance in different “forbidden locations” – seven to be exact.

Specifically, “forbidden locations” mean a place where there’s a “No Dancing” sign. We’ve embedded a screenshot of what they look like below, so you know what to look for.

Fortnite – Dance in different forbidden locations

No Dancing signs are small and circular, and have a red ring with a cross through a Fortnite character dancing and musical notes.

To tick this challenge off your list and claim your Battle Stars, you need to find and dance in front of 7 No Dancing signs. They can be tough to track down if you don’t know where to look, but we’ve scoured the map and drawn up a list – along with a map:

  • Going from top left to bottom right, the first location is at the feet of the giant llama statue in the extreme northwest of the map
  • The second location is on the peak of the zip-wire mountain to the south of Pleasant Park
  • For the third forbidden location, you need to go to the southwestern tip of the map, just to the south of Frosty Flights
  • The fourth sign is near the top of the mountain to the north of Salty Springs – it’s one tier from the summit
  • On the hill just to the northwest of Wailing Wood, you’ll find another forbidden location – it’s south of Risky Reels
  • The final forbidden location is to the south of Paradise Palms, on top of the mountain just to the southeast of the area

For help with the rest of the Season 7 week 1 challenges, check out our full page, including our guide on how to dance on top of a crown of RVs, Metal Turtle, and Submarine.

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